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2 Months Course

Eye Lash Artist Course

Our talented hair specialists are ready to share their secrets and all the knowledge they possess. Do not loose this opportunity, it’s worth it, trust us.

Eye Lash Artist Course

A lash & a wink gets you further than you think.

If you are a lash extension enthusiast this course is for you.

Eye lashes are the most underrated but also the most essential part of your face.  It’s a small addition but makes a big difference to a look.

We keep reviewing our training modules regularly to ensure the topics and techniques taught keep up with the ever – changing trends in the eye lash industry.

If you are looking for comprehensive range of high-quality eyelash extensions training enroll with us today.

Eye Lash Artist

Topics Covered
Natural eye lash extension
Eye lash lifting
Russian Volume Extensions
Classic eye lash extensions
Celebrity eye lash extensions
Tinting Service.

2 Months


  1. All our courses have a schedule of 3 days in a week, trainees will be under the supervision of trainers, candidates can come on the 4th day for self-study.
  2. All products will be given by the educator, trainee needs to carry good attitude to learn and grow, and a notebook and other stationary.
  3. Training costs are required to be given in advance, no money will be returned, if candidate chooses to opt out of training.
  4. Training is provided using international products only.
  5. Trainees have to comply with all rules and regulations laid by the educator and the company.

Please Note:

  • You are here because you are passionate about beauty, and when we do things that we are passionate about, the success rate is higher.
  • Once you complete your course for those who wish to have job placements with us are welcome to apply separately with HR and go through an interview process.
  • Since we would know first hand how good you are at what you do it would be mutually beneficial and you could have an opportunity to work with US.
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