Rahul Pande


Born as the heavenly archer, Sagittarian , Rahul Pande works aggressively towards accomplishing the goals inspired by his own belief. Born & Bred in Gwalior and later moved to Mumbai in 1999 to fulfill his dreams, he’s always looking for an interesting career which is distinctive and motivating. Rahul started his affair with beauty and hair after a successful stint with aviation where worked to understand the best of service industry etiquettes. After persistently studying the beauty industry in Sep 2009 he started with opening up a Nail Spa where nails can be treated and given delectable looks. Within a year he associated with L’Oreal in Mumbai and learnt the expertise of hair styling. 

He started his second salon in 2011 in Goregaon and today Synk Salon – Nail Spa : Da Favola is present in four locations across Mumbai and soon coming up with few more locations to serve city’s length and breadth put together.

Enriched with traits of a true Sagittarian, Rahul is fun loving and always high spirited adding a wonderful dose of positive energy to the environment. For him the glass is eternally half full and that is what invariably evolves him and his creative team to achieve perfection, even if it may seem sometimes, like an impossible endeavor. 

Age: 32

Zodiac Sign: Saggitarius

Professional DNA: Be Positive Be Creative

Anchan Kasar

Senior Nail Trainer

Aton Azyamah

Creative Nail Head

Smita Rai

Senior Manager & Skin Trainer